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About me

I'm a photographer,  investment banker, travel enthusiast and an animal lover.  In short I'm a 'city' dweller who's always looking for an excuse to run to the jungle.

My love affair with wildlife began when I was a toddler and was the greatest gift that my dad gave to me. I have been visiting national parks in Sri Lanka with my dad since I could walk and photography seemed a natural extension of my love of nature. This website is my way of helping people understand and appreciate the beauty in nature.


I hope that understanding the beauty, complexity and sheer wonder of the existence of these animals and places will inspire others to help in the conservation of them. Some will be encouraged to travel and experience these places. Others will want these places and animals conserved for future generations to experience and appreciate.

This website is an invitation for you all to come share my journeys and experience the wonder I felt, for it has touched my soul forever.

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